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Dear reader,

The current Indonesian Decree of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.30/HUK/2011: National Standards of Care for Child Welfare Institutions, ratified in 2012, as well as international views on institutional care, note that children should not be institutionalized based on poverty and access to education, but instead children with parents or extended family should be living with their loving families and families should be empowered and access to education should be ensured. In 2019 Jodie O’Shea House decided to investigate the possibility of returning and reunifying children that were institutionalized at Jodie O’Shea House with their parents or loving families. The reunification process, in line with National Standards of Care for Child Welfare Institutions and other applicable laws, is intensive, and every step is well considered. We have worked with government, experts and child psychologists and listened carefully to the wishes of the child involved.

In 2022 all children have been reunified with family or live in loving and caring environments. This means a new period for Jodie O’Shea House starts. We are working on continuous empowerment and access to education for the clients of Jodie O’Shea House and their families. Besides that, together with our partners, we will help other families in need and ensure children can stay with their families instead of institutionalization.

This website is under construction and is currently being updated for the new journey of Jodie O’Shea house.