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Jodie O'SheaLike most things in life, implementing the decision to open an orphanage in memory of Jodie O'Shea, did not happen overnight. In the aftermath of the Bali bombing on October 12, 2002, many people wanted to contribute in some way to create a future of opportunities for those who had very little. A compassionate and determined group of people combined their resources to improve the lives of children here in Bali. We extend our heartfelt thanks to those people for their commitment - their support enabled the building to commence in March 2005 and we opened our doors four months later.

We have 75 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 19 years. Of these children, some are from Sumba, a very poor and arid island to the east of Bali and some are from Bali or other Indonesian islands.

Since moving to their new home these children have undergone an amazing transformation. Prior to coming to the orphanage all of them had grown up malnourished in poverty-stricken areas, often from one-parent families, surviving on a meager hand to mouth existence.

Today, however, in their new home our children are embracing a life they have never known - a healthy diet, an education, being nurtured and cared for and having the freedom to simply be children.

It must be stressed, however, that all of the children's families love and care about them immensely but have had to make the difficult decision to send their children elsewhere so as to provide them with a better life and ultimately a better future.

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