Our Safeguarding Policy

Making sure that children are safe in our care is paramount.

The new management recognized that implementing strict and clear policies for child safeguarding was an essential area of improvement and that guidelines previously had not been clear, nor to international best practice standards, and child protection experts were asked to create a policy for JOS. As of December 2020, the Board has adopted this child safeguarding policy which guides all our actions.

The policy is based on:

  • The provisions in the Indonesian Law (Child Protection Law No. 23 0f 2002 and the decree of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on National Standard of Care for Child Welfare Institutions No.30/HUK/2011)
  • The UN convention of the Rights of The Child and publications by leading organizations focusing on Child Welfare worldwide and specifically on Bali, such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Better Care Network, and Westerlaken Foundation.


Child Safeguarding Policy

National Standard of Care for Child Welfare Institutions


Also, please kindly read about the UN Convention on the Rights of the child, Here





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