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Jodie O'Shea House | COVID-19 Crisis Appeal


Be a Bali lover. Act now to help Bali kids in crisis


It’s heartbreaking to bring you this news, but COVID is ravaging our beautiful home. No tourism, no income, and spiraling COVID cases.

Jodie O’Shea House (JOS) is a haven for kids like Putu and Luh, whose single mother was unable to feed them. 

But right now, we don’t have the funds to support the kids that call JOS home. For kids in loving poor families, we also need funds to continue to feed and keep them safe.  


We miss you, and we know many of you miss us! We need generous people like you, who would usually visit Bali and help JOS keep running, to donate today.

Today, you can be a lifesaver. Donate the cost of your airfare, set up a regular monthly donation to help with ongoing costs, or fundraise with your network.


Donate or fundraise now. Click Here

#BeABaliLover #HelpBaliKids


All gifts are greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible if made via this page, for residents of Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

The target of AUD 50,000 will help us continue to help Putu, Luh, and other kids like them, whose parents or carers have been devastated by poverty in the wake of COVID.


Putu and Luh’s story

Putu and Luh’s single mother struggled to look after them after her husband left her. COVID has only made her situation worse, as she is now unemployed.

Unfortunately, with COVID, more than 36,000 people have fallen into poverty in Bali. And children like Putu and Luh are being severely impacted. Their mother is struggling to feed them, let alone send them to school.

Thanks to our donors and supporters, JOS has been a lifeline. Putu and Luh’s mum is receiving funds specifically to feed the children and will pay for them to go to school. We support both the children and their mothers with regular wellbeing checks.

But there are thousands of more children in Bali and surroundings that need help. 


Donate the cost of your airfare to Bali. 

$600, less than the cost of one person’s airfare, could feed and ensure five children are able to continue to survive AND still access education for one month. 

You can make a massive difference in these kids' lives.


Jodie O’Shea is currently supporting 68 disadvantaged children and we need your help to continue.


Show your love for Bali and help these kids have a future.






JOS House is a registered charitable foundation, with a refuge operational license. Monthly general, financial, and inventory reports are readily available. Please reach out to us if you need any more information.

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